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14th Anniversary
Inaugural Banquet for Bishop Rance Lee Allen


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2011 Early Rain
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Every time another one of the older saints goes home to be with the Lord I feel the urgency to shift my life into a highher gear. I believe it is our responsibioity to be the church leaders needed for such a time as this. We have everything that we  need to make a great impact in the world while it is yet day. I believe that we owe it to the next generation to keep holiness alive. If you are like me you witnessed the people of God live right right before your eyes. We should give the next generation that same opportunity, to witness the power of God.So I challlenge you to SHIFT yourWorship, SHIFT your prayer life, SHIFT your service, SHIFT your study, SHIIFT you Confidence, SHIFT your faith, SHIFT eveything you can into a higher gear for God. LIVE HOLY! After all we owe it to God and the people.


As we watch and react to the grand jury decisions in Ferguson and New York, I can only hope that these events will cause many in our society to pause and think. Not just about racial inequalities and relations. But let us consider the systemic class structure that limits people from birth so severely and detrimental that human beings respond with such inhumane measures as looting without a cause. It is a tragedy when a life is loss and it is even worse when we don't learn from it. Pray the Peace of the Prince

14th Anniversary

To the members of the House of Prayer:
It is with extreme gratitude that I express my sincere appreciation for your presence during our 14 Church Anniversary celebrations. Due to your diligence and dedication our celebration was not only successful but fruitful. I’m sure that like me you could see the saints gaining strength, encouragement and peace.  God has brought us from a long way and He is not through with us yet. I am so glad that you are part of my church family and I hope you can feel the love that I have for you.


Welcome, Today is a New Day. If you are in Christ you are a new creation old things are passed away and Now Look and See that all things have become NEW. This is a new start for you so walk in your newness. New Holiness, New Peace, New Joy, and New Passion enjoy the NEWNESS that God has given you. For Today is a New DAY! 

Inaugural Banquet for Bishop Rance Lee Allen

Bishop Rance Allen
Jurisdictional Prelate
Northwestern Harvest Jurisdiction of Michigan
On Monday, June 18, 2012 we will celebrate the elevation of a great man of God. Bishop Rance Allen touches people all over this world through his anointed music and preaching ministry. I have watched him interact with people bringing a ray of God's sunshine and presence into their world. I am asking all those that can to consider coming out and letting the Bishop know that he is loved. I hope to see you there .

Advent 2011

Who Are You looking for this Christmas?
Here we are just ten days from the Christ-mas.
Today's reflection is from John 1:21-22
And they asked John, what then? Are you Elias? and he said, I am not. Are you that prophet? And he answered, no. Then said they unto him, Who are you? that we may give an answer to them that sent us. What do you say for yourself?
It is clear that the people of that day were looking for someone special. They knew they needed help and they were looking for the  Messiah.

104th COGIC Holy Convocation

It's that time again, for the saints to gather for the Holy Convocation. I am soliciting your prayers that God would bless the saints as we gather in St. Louis. I am praying that God would be with our Presiding Bishop, Bishop Charles Blake and all of those that attend. I am asking God that He not only allows every one to attend and return safely but that He charges us all with new energy to fight on and be what He is calling us to be. I am also excited about the consecration of our new Bishop, Bishop Michael E.

Revival 2011

I thank God so much for our time of Revival. Words cannot express my gratitude that God would meet and spend time with us. If you could not attend you missed one of the best series of services I have been a part of. Evangelist Jeffries, Elder Evans and Elder Howard were all used of God in a mighty way. Yokes were destroyed and the people of God were revived. I still feel the effects of the anointing that fell in those services. The good news is that if you were not able to attend you can still purchase a copy of the revival 2011 series.

God Help Us/Concerning the Death of Osama Bin Laden

I like most Americans was fascinated by the killing of world terrorist Osama Bin Laden. I felt several emotions. I feared retaliation to our country. I was proud of my President for using wisdom and not bombing villages when he felt as though he was close, but instead used wisdom and intelligence to get the right man and not hurt innocent people. I also felt as sense of relief that maybe justice had been served. But it hardly seems like justice when four people are dead for the senseless murder of over 3000.

You Need the HOLY GHOST

To the Family of God,
We had a great worship experience on Yesterday. Everything was great and power of the WORD given was awesome. The Sermon was concerning the BURNING BUSH. This is a word you might to consider adding to your library. Oh that we could be used to God's glory as that bush was on that day. It is through the Holy Ghost that we effect this world. This was a great teaching and I agree with the old Church when I say, "I wish somebody's soul would catch on FIRE burning with the Holy Ghost".
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