Lenten Prayer Guide 2020

Sundays are free days – First 3 days Water, Fruits and Vegetables only NO SWEETS


Feb. 26th   Wed. Day 1 Pray For Emptiness – that God will take away everything that takes you away from Him


Thurs. Day 2 Pray for Acceptance – That God would receive you into His presence – May we be clean before God


Fri. Day 3 Pray for closeness to God – that God would receive you unto Himself in a closer relationship – greater intimacy – Just to be close to God


Sat. Day 4 Pray for An Open Heart and Mind – Listening Ears, to hear what God says to you during this season (Fish, Chicken, Turkey ok, no beef or pork)


Mon. March 2nd Day 5 – Pray for the Ministry of Christ – worldwide let His will be done – Tat God Bless work of the CHURCH everywhere


Tues Day 6 – Pray for The House of Prayer Church all members included!!!


Wed. Day 7 Pray for Pastor Marshall and the first Family


Thurs Day 8  Pray for Love – Let the Love of God abound in your life- that you would SHOW LOVE to all those you meet


Fri Day 9 – Pray for healing and against disease


Sat Day 10 – Pray for unity in the church


Mon. March 9th  Day 11 Pray for Forgiveness – that God would forgive you of sins


Tue. Day 12 Pray for Freedom from all of this life’s worries –peace of mind


Wed. Day 13 Pray for God’s will to be revealed in your life!


Thurs. Day 14 Pray for Peace that Peace will reign in our world


Fri Day 15 Pray for Godly conversation that we will control what we say


Sat Day 16 Pray for our Priorities that God will show us what is most important


Mon March 16th Day 17 Pray for Trust that we can fully trust in the Lord


Tue. Day 18 Pray for understanding of God’s Word


Wed. Day 19 Pray for Rest – that we can find rest in Jesus


Thur Day 20 Pray for Joy for ourselves and all of those that are depressed


Fri. Day 21 Pray for change that we have the courage to change


Sat Day 22 Pray for compassion for others


Mon March 23rd Day 23 Pray for dedication and commitment to Christ


Tue. Day 24 Pray for your spiritual willingness to do what God says to do


Wed. Day 25 Pray for your relationships that they be Godly


Thurs. Day 26 Pray for Peace in the World


Fri. Day 27 Pray for all the children of the world that are hurting and suffering


Sat Day 28 Pray for all those in poverty


Mon March 30th Day 29 Pray for more Patience


Tues Day 30 Pray that people in our lives get saved!


Wed. Day 31 Pray for healing from emotional wounds


Thurs. Day 32 Pray for faith when we need it most


Fri Day 33 Pray for Generosity in our giving to God’s will


Sat Day 34 Pray for wisdom to know what and how to do


Mon April 6th Day 35 Pray for the spirit of evangelism in our lives


Tues Day 36 Pray for vision of God’s will


Wed. Day 37 Pray for release of anger from past hurts


Thurs Day 38 Pray for spiritual elevation and expansion


Fri Day 39 Pray that we will do our Fathers will


Sat Day 40 Pray that God’s Favor will be upon us for the rest of this year.

Lenten Prayer Guide 2020