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Ministries of the House


The House of Prayer EAGLES boys basketball team. Youth between the ages 10-14 participate in local basketball tournaments and clinics. The youth are taught biblical principles, life skills and the game of basketball. 

Men's Ministry - promotes the Christian faith through brotherhood aimed at supporting Men through fellowship, discipleship, instruction, encouragement and mentoring. The Men fellowship together, work together, and "just be" together at various times throughout the year.  

Women's Ministry - is led by the most capable Lady Marshall. It is a large group of dedicated Women. The Women's Department meets regularly for fellowship and support to one another.  While they administer several events throughout the year none compare to the annual Women's Retreat.  

"The "Ignite" Youth Department - The House has always had a very strong and vibrant youth department. The "Ignite" group is carrying on that tradition. It had members from toddlers to 20. While we have different age groups in our church , all  of our youth are included in youth department and minister to one another. We execute, cognitive, social, recreational, worshipful, and physical events to teach of our young people so that they can live saved even as a youth.

Young MEN of Valor - Is a group of young men that are being mentored by our older brothes. They work on projects together and play on the HOPI Basketball team together.

Mother's Board - The bible instructs the "older women to teach the young women in things of the Lord".  We respect the wisdom of our mothers and allow them to have a voice in our worship and planning.  The Mother's Board is in constant prayer for our church and leadership and are an active social group in our church family.

Couple's Ministry - Family is at the heart of the church so we have an ongoing schedule of events aimed at supporting married couples. 

Intercessory Prayer Ministry (daily) - Prayer requests are taken daily through our website and phone system. We also have a weekly prayer line and a prayer box that rest on the altar in the Sanctuary "The Home of Answered Prayers".

Pastoral (Family) Support  - 

Pastoral Aide (Nurses) - select individuals that assist in the well being of those attending worship gatherings.

Spiritual Praise (Liturgical Dance) - We have three dance teams  one for our adult dances, one for our teen age dancers and one for the young children. 

Deacon Tony O. Marshall Bookstore - Opening fall 2018  a Christian bookstore in house to purchase supplies, books, Bibles, CDs, DVDs, and much , much, more.  

Drama & Theatrical Team  - presents the Gospel message  in a creative  and modern manner through the arts  by way of theatrical productions, illustrated sermons, and liturgical dance.  


Hospitality and Love Committee - Attempts to make the House welcoming to visitors.   Hospitality greets you as you enter for worship and contacts those that are ill.

Pastoral Care - ministers to those that are sick and shut in, grieving, and those in need of emotional support. 

Nursing Home Outreach - monthly service to engage our seniors in the community with fellowship and the Gospel. 

Food Pantry/Clothes Closet - located at 7 Mile location. 

Media Ministry - This group operates the T.O. Marshall bookstore and is responsible for recording services and sermons. They are also responsible for the maintenance of the webpage and all social media efforts. 

Ministerial Team -  Are for those called to ministry and leadership as lifestyle.  This covenant group receives direct impartation and mentoring from our pastor. The members are required to attend meetings, in which they receive training on all aspects of ministry, instruction in sermon preparation, and assignment schedules for church services.  

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