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Lady Chantelll Marshall

Elect Lady Chantell is a native of Detroit and has studied at Oakland Community College, University of Michigan and Central Michigan University. She is married to Dr. Tony Shomari Marshall, who is the Founding Pastor and Establishmentarian the House of Prayer Institutional Church. They have two daughters, Tiajah and Talaya.  Lady Chantell is the Director of the Jewels of Christ Women’s ministry at the House of Prayer. The goal of Jewels and Gems of Christ is to encourage, motivate, and inspire women and girls to be all they can be through the teachings of the Word of God.

God has used Chantell to reach many women of varies ages by her strong love and passion as well as by her Godly example. Over the past 20 years she has been gathering women together through her workshops, retreats, prayer meetings and worship celebrations. Lady Chantell has worked through many different levels within the church. She is truly a women of God loves strong and is willing to help anyone in need. 

Chantell displays her love for Christ daily in the relationships she has with family, church, friends and everyone she encounters.

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